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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

Upcoming FREE Workshop:

Creating wealth, calm and freedom
Friday 13th October – 7am-9am
ibis Tainui – 18 Alma Street, Hamilton

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Sometimes clarity makes all the difference when the world is moving so fast around you. Your business requires clarity in 3 key areas for you to break free and achieve your dreams.

“Thank you! Things feel so much clearer now. It makes all the difference”

This is a quote from one of our customers.

What would it mean to you, to your loved ones, if you could focus your precious time on a few things that would bring you the freedom and rewards you’re seeking from your business?

• No more sleepless nights, feelings of angst, uncertainty, “what if?”
• No more guessing how to use your business as a wealth generator
• No more wondering what you should be doing next to achieve the freedom you aspire to

This workshop is your first step to a new and better life. Imagine yourself in a few weeks’ time …
You will learn the 3 massive but common mistakes even seasoned Business Owners make that keep them feeling trapped, stressed, overworked and underpaid – and how to avoid them.

90 minutes of bankable value

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You’ll learn proven ways to:

– Avoid 3 common, but massive, mistakes that may be holding you back from more $, Time and Freedom
– Reduce stress and uncertainty
– Understand how to use the right strategy for the best results for your business
– Uncover hidden challenges and barriers that may be holding you back from success
– Cure the cash flow roller coaster disease
– Structure your business to deliver your freedom and wealth
– Understand your most valuable resource – and how to get the most from it
– Focus on the right things
– Start changing your life for the better – immediately
… and more

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Currently we’re only running our workshops in Auckland and Hamilton, New Zealand.

Plans are underway to run them virtually, so stay tuned.