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Talk without Action is just a Dream – Do this and create the life you want

Do this and you’ll never look back …   For a long time I struggled to achieve what I wanted.  I was travelling along and not fully understanding that the things I was doing were maintaining me on the trajectory I was on – which wasn’t taking me to where I was going.  However I…


Do this with intent – and watch your life bloom

I’ve got to admit that there are some things I’m doing now that I perhaps didn’t see value in doing before. Ok, what I just said means, if you’d asked me some time ago to do journaling and express gratitude every day I would not have found time in my busy day to do it.…


The power of focus is immense – so be careful what you focus on!

I’m a big believer on focus. It helps clear away distractions so you can achieve what you need to. What I’ve learned over the years – and brought clearly to my attention by a mate of mine – is how powerful the mind is in achieving what you focus on. The news isn’t all good,…