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Imagine if everyone lived as their true & most fulfilled selves.

How might the world be? We bet - kinder, safer, better. Living to your potential also means living your truth. As truth-seeking Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Organisations - here's how you can be changemakers and champion a most truthful expression of living.

Build potential . Yours. Your client's. Your organisation's.

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Know your business model and free your mind

A while back I had a chance to meet with a small business owner who had a great little business with about a dozen good staff and great opportunities.  He should have been smiling.  He wasn’t. He was stressed and working long hours. Understanding what was going on didn’t take long. Here’s the lesson I…


How much of what you’re carrying is not yours to carry? (and 5 things you can do about it)

There are times when you feel the burden of expectation weigh you down. Squeeze some joy out. This is particularly true when you find yourself in a new position or situation. What are things you can do about it? You may have come from a place where you’ve gone from knowing everything about your world,…


Important things to consider when looking for someone to support you succeed

One of the great lessons I’ve learnt in life is this. We can’t do things alone. As humans we’re wired as social animals. Support is important in your life – especially when you’re making change or doing things that are challenging you. Support through such times is critical.  Someone to bounce thoughts and feelings off,…