• Mike Overwater

How much of what you’re carrying is not yours to carry? (and 5 things you can do about it)

There are times when you feel the burden of expectation weigh you down. Squeeze some joy out. This is particularly true when you find yourself in a new position or situation. What are things you can do about it?

You may have come from a place where you’ve gone from knowing everything about your world, to finding yourself in a whole new world of foreign language and behaviours. It can be unsettling and stressful, and negatively affect how you behave and perform. There is the self-doubt, fears and constant self-questioning that comes out.

What can you do to firstly reduce the pressure on yourself, and secondly start to perform?

There are 5 things you can do, that will really help you make a leap forward

  • Mike Overwater

Important things to consider when looking for someone to support you succeed

One of the great lessons I’ve learnt in life is this.

We can’t do things alone. As humans we’re wired as social animals.

Support is important in your life – especially when you’re making change or doing things that are challenging you. Support through such times is critical.  Someone to bounce thoughts and feelings off, as well as holding you to account to do what you said you’d do.

So when you’re choosing someone to support you, you need to consider them as an accountability partner. Someone who is there to lift you and push you, and occasionally cut you some slack – but not without just cause.

  • Mike Overwater

Stress helps us perform – and kills. 3 things you must do.

Stress helps us perform – and kills. 3 things you must do.

I have no doubt that stress is a silent killer in our modern society.

Yet stress is what makes us strong. We see this in all areas of nature. It is somewhat ironic that the harsh conditions on flora and fauna gives them the strength to survive those harsh conditions. A butterfly’s wings would not be strong enough to fly if those wings were not strengthened in its effort to escape its chrysalis.

The same with us.

  • Mike Overwater

The effort paradox, and 6 things you can do to make it work for you.

The type of thinking that pervades much of our workforce, especially our leaders, will not lift us to where we want to get to, or even need to get to – on a country, societal, business or personal level. Big stuff.

Most thinking is incremental and lineal. One effort in. One result out type stuff.

True. Without effort, grit and determination you achieve nothing worthwhile. However this effort needs to be directed.

Think about problems differently

I recall working with a small business owner some time ago. It was fascinating. Great little business.

  • Mike Overwater

You don’t need to be best, you do need to be better. Here’s how.

I’ve found when working with people that they often struggle to move forward because the perceived gap between where they are now, and where they want to be is too big. Inside they’re saying “Oh, I’ll never be able to do that” (bridge that gap). Invariably this is in any area of their life including relationships, personal development, work, money, … “I’ll never be able to play guitar like that”, “I’m happy just cruising because I’ll never be able to do that”, “I’ll never have a relationship like they have”, “I wish I had a life like that, but I’ll never achieve that” … Sometimes these thoughts don’t surface to a conscious level they’re so ingrained. Sad.

First the obvious question. Why do I need to bother being better?

  • Lisa Clausen

Are you chasing happiness?

What will it take for you to stop and have a look at what’s happening in your life?  To ask yourself the really hard questions, to question everything that’s going on in your life today.  To check in to see where you want to do better, how, and why.  And why would you do that?

We know that happiness in an inside job,  yet what does it really mean and do you really get how to get it?

It isn’t as simple as chasing happiness and ‘catching’ it by starting a new job because it’s better pay, changing a relationship because the other one got too hard, buying a pair of sparkly, killer-painful shoes because the dress that you’ll wear only once needs them.  Unless you create the time and space to stop and question how doing that thing will