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Our new look, thank you’s & more pages to come

Hello & welcome to our new look!
We’ve re-launched and are building our content to better support personal growth and change. It’s been a mission and a half and it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing how things unfold over the coming weeks.Thanks to all those who have supported us, given us ideas and feedback, we’ve loved it all and are using it to benefit you, our audience :o)
Special thanks to David, Jeremy, Rob, Jesse, Damian – from Company-X, our fabulous developers.  And Matt from Anomaly Creative, our wonderful designer and artist.
It’s mighty exciting, scary, wonderful and about time! There’s always much to learn and we’re at the beginning of a new journey, so please feel free to get in touch – and especially if you believe you have some value to add to our community. is a collaboration of useful info and resources relating to personal growth and change across all life dimensions. Any articles, videos and info that we publish on the site have an author bio attached, so there’s opportunity for you to spread your message if you have a role in life where you support others to be their best.We’ll be posting all sorts of things from Team EKO right here, so we hope you’ll stay in touch. Here’s the Life Dimensions conversation map (below) that we’ve developed, and it’s the dimensions here – Relationships/Work/Money/Leisure/Giving/Personal Growth/Wellness – that categorise the information that you’ll be able to access on the website.  And you can buy the map too.
Coming soon are Community forums, Tools, private forums and software.  Lots for you to interact with :o)

We’re all about supporting YOU, and anyone else you might be supporting, to make growth and dealing with change more manageable… we know how tough it can be :o)

Create your very best life (hint: that’ll be the one that meets YOUR Truth) and you don’t have to do it alone… connecting with like-minded people a step ahead, or behind you, is a lot of what ekoyou is about.

Look forward to connecting with you & don’t forget to share with your friends too – because we all deserve to be happy, to live our best life – and love every day of it!

Yours truly,
Lisa & Mike, &  the rest of Team EKO

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  • Team EKO

We're an authentic bunch of people who love to support others as they journey through life, and we manage this site and our social networking collectively. Our small team is fortunate to have some awesome folks in it. With skills and qualifications in business management, researching, writing, marketing, human behaviour, psychology, coaching and change management - we're an onto it bunch ;o)

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