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Your Authentic Life Formula

Whether you want to change the world or change YOUR world – changing yourself is required. Just Do You! is a three-month, exclusive, membership-only programme that guides you to create a Personal Action Plan that will help you change up your life and become a better you. So you can get more of what you want in life!

How To Be Yourself – My Authentic Life Formula is your step-through, gem-of-a book that will show you what to do to and how to do it, if you’re serious about stepping into being a truer you. Filled with wisdom, exercises, why, and how-to – this is a one-of-a-kind (just like you!) self-paced, self- development tool that you can use by yourself with support from your ekoyou community. From now on you are not alone!

Together with your Life Conversations Map, a stimulating and powerful visual tool to help you see where you are in your life, your journal-sized How To Be Yourself book, will arrive in its own box folder, perfect for keeping everything in one place. And so handy to keep your ekoyou printable downloads in… and, of course, your Personal Action Plan that we’ll help you create using our Members Online Toolkit!

  • Team EKO

We're an authentic bunch of people who love to support others as they journey through life, and we manage this site and our social networking collectively. Our small team is fortunate to have some awesome folks in it. With skills and qualifications in business management, researching, writing, marketing, human behaviour, psychology, coaching and change management - we're an onto it bunch ;o)

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