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When life gives you a shove

You know, it’s pretty challenging when you choose to change up your life – whether a little, or a lot. Believe me, I truly know what happens when life comes and gives you a shove that makes you question what you’re doing, why, and with whom.

Perhaps that’s where you’re at right now? If it is, I hope to inspire you to listen to yourself, and give that heart of yours a bit of air time.

Life was very different for me not so long ago – about seven years back in fact. I was married with two girls under four, had a busy life, worked in a business that I enjoyed as it was supporting people to grow through change by coaching and training. I’m a people person, so that was a great fit for me and it was inspiring learning from others as they stretched towards, through, and beyond their comfort zone. I’d created what I was living, as we all do, yet I felt that life wasn’t all it should be. It was an indescribable feeling and I had no clue where to start to look at what to do to make things better for myself (I soon discovered that supporting others is way easier). At the same time I knew deep inside that I needed to make change happen. And happen it did. It was a double-edged sword.

The change was slow and painful. To such an extent that it made me unwell. I became very depressed and something in me died.

The change was tantalising and loving. To such an extent that it made me well. I became my truer self and by doing so something in me came alive!

Fast forward and I am so thankful that I persevered through the twists and turns and chose to grow – always with hope in my heart and a supporter or two at my side. And here is a wee gem from a hard lesson learned: the pain (which had to be there) need not have lasted as long had I only spoken up, reached out, and found hope sooner. The supporters were there all the time, to speak of hope, to love and comfort me. I just had to let them in, and ask them to stay.

Here I am – still very much in the business of supporting others through change to become their best version of themselves. Along with my beautiful partner, Mike, we’ve used our gifts, experiences, and life lessons to guide us as to how best to support people. And put it all into a website and online format so it’s accessible 24/7. Often when we need to reach out it’s an impossible time of day to be able to find some relief.

With the right knowledge and a true desire to change into our real self, we all have the ability to be happy, to go for our dreams, and to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Getting support is really important if you want to make changes in your very precious life – especially big changes. It can be pretty scary. Sometimes we don’t have everything, or everyone, we need around us to nurture us and show us a way forward.

Yet, there’s always someone to learn from who’s done it before you (the best type of person), and always someone who can benefit from your learning once you’ve done it. However, their way won’t be, and shouldn’t be, YOUR way.
Allow your truth to have compassion – which means that living your truth doesn’t mean constantly arguing with people who disagree, or recruiting others to your belief system. Nope. Your truth is the truth for YOU, which doesn’t make it THE truth. So you do need to tread compassionately when you express yourself, and watch how things you say land on people.

And, you need to stay mindful that your truth might shift as you move through life. That’s where it gets scary. This is okay too – because essential truth is not about set-in-stone laws, but about living fully and honestly in every moment. We’re dynamic beings and it only makes sense that our truths will be dynamic as well.
Some choose to grow. Some do not. I know I probably don’t need to tell you that you need to change in order to grow. The moment you stop changing, you stop growing. When you choose not to grow your positive experiences of life can begin to diminish. That was certainly what happened to me.

It’s all up to you.

What do you feel about change? It’s not easy for most that’s for sure! Once we get a handle on it though, life is so much easier.

Life for me now is one that I truly love to live every day. There is much joy and happiness to be found in living my truth. My beautiful girls are now eight and 11, and I am part of a gorgeous blended family with Mike and his three children. Wonderful people surround and support us every day. So perhaps, to some, my life on the surface doesn’t look that different from how it was. Yet it is entirely different. I’m living my truth in all dimensions of my life. And the work to create that shift was massive and I was motivated to do it. I didn’t know where I was going but I just had to start.

So, if you feel you’re just not being the real you and you’d like real support, from real people, take a look around and start connecting wherever feels right for you. Start now.

Ah, just one more thing, as you might come across some criticism along the way, while in pursuit of your truth. You’ll need to give extra attention to remaining strong and calm, and you might like to read about staying compassionate in the face of criticism. Meantime, it may help you to remember this truth…
You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG. You are WORTH IT.

With love,


  • Lisa Clausen

Lisa believes getting back to your truth is fundamental to wellness & happiness . A specialist in Personal Growth and Change & the co-founder of, she has built businesses and skills to support those who want to change & grow to be their very best. A Mum, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Certified Coach & Adult Teacher, and authentic human being, Lisa's 100% about working in collaboration for the benefit of others. Reaching out to as many people as possible, sharing meaningful ways to live with compassion, truth & vitality, is what makes her truly happy.



Beautiful Lisa! Thanks for the great article.
I embrace change when I know I’m in control of it, when I make the choice to change. But when something comes up that is outside my control, I struggle to take the bull by the horns. But you’re so completely right about just needing to reach out and ask for support. Great reminder x


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