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What living your Truth doesn’t mean

We focus a lot on living your truth – because at EkoYou we really believe in it. In the process of finalising website content and things, I was reminded by something I read that there are some watch-outs when you set about living your best life. 
So here are a couple of thoughts for you that come inspired by recent reading (Amanda Ford & Mastin Kipp, who also write about this stuff):

Allow your truth to have compassion – which means that Living Your Truth doesn’t mean constantly arguing with people who disagree, or recruiting others to your belief system. Nope. Your truth is the truth for YOU, which doesn’t make it THE truth. So you do need to tread compassionately when you express yourself, and watch how things you say land on people.

And, you need to stay mindful that your truth might shift as you move through life. That’s where it gets scary. This is okay too – because essential truth is not about set-in-stone laws, but about living fully and honestly in every moment. We’re dynamic beings and it only makes sense that our truths will be dynamic as well.

Thanks for listening :o)

Ah, just one more thing, as you might come across some haters along the way, so you must give extra attention to remaining strong and calm. In the event that happens, while in pursuit of your truth, it may help you to remember this… and this is absolutely true…

You are BEAUTIFUL.   You are STRONG.   You are WORTH IT.
  • Lisa Clausen

Lisa believes getting back to your truth is fundamental to wellness & happiness . A specialist in Personal Growth and Change & the co-founder of, she has built businesses and skills to support those who want to change & grow to be their very best. A Mum, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Certified Coach & Adult Teacher, and authentic human being, Lisa's 100% about working in collaboration for the benefit of others. Reaching out to as many people as possible, sharing meaningful ways to live with compassion, truth & vitality, is what makes her truly happy.

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