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What is more important than happiness?

Image result for happiness quotesI’ve been talking to people about EKO and realise I don’t have a good elevator pitch around what we’re about.  I know what we want to achieve, but clearly articulating that has not come easily.  This causes me some concern as it means I could well be lost and drifting aimlessly.  Anyway, with this little issue to deal with, plus all the usual life issues I came away realising that my mind is restless right now – not at ease.  And this week I want to dive into this and look at some things I’m trying, which are really helpful.

There is a big focus on happiness these days.  I believe there is something that is more valuable than happiness.  Something that you must have before you can achieve happiness – and this is what me must strive for. 

Without a doubt I believe everyone wants to be happy.  Who would want to live their life being unhappy?  I want to be happy – I feel I am happy, or at least positive about my future.  Happiness, like most things is not a binary thing – on-off.  It is a spectrum, happiness by degrees.  Happiness is not something you pursue.  It’s not like I can say my goal is to be happy and to do that I am going to do this, this and this.  Like they say – it is like chasing a butterfly.  Chase it and it will elude you, sit still and will settle on you.  Happiness is part journey, part destination.  Sure there are determinants to happiness – what you’re born with and your life circumstances have a significant input into your happiness, and how you view life in general.

Lots of things can bring you happiness in the world.  I believe the thing that will bring you the most happiness, and I’m going out on a limb here, is Peace of Mind.

 “There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind.” – Anonymous

To me peace of mind is going to bed at night and sleeping easily – positive about tomorrow, few nagging doubts about what you’ve done or haven’t done, un-dealt with major conflicts to resolve, burdens you’re carrying alone, or uneasy restlessness – knowing deep in your heart you’ve done your best.  Yes there is lots of noise inlife, lots to do – but you know what is important and these are cared for in your mind and heart.  Peace of mind is not just the icing on the cake of life, it is also part of the filling.

Your head and your heart are at peace.  Wow, what a thought.

In this life I know this isn’t a constant place that you’ll be – things are always moving and we don’t live in fairyland.  It is good to have some tools to help you – which I’ll discuss later.  Much of what you perceive is happening in the outside world and inside your head is not real – not real.  Your head filters and sees things based on your state of mind, disposition and history.  I know there’s always issues to deal with – relationships, money, work, health …  I’m facing all these at any one time in various degrees at the moment.  I’m not totally at peace.  The thing is, as in any journey, I’m working to be at peace more often than not.  As with all things it is not a binary – on/off – thing.  On a spectrum I am more at peace than not.  Sometimes I feel totally at peace, other times not.  Life happens.

“Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work; it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Anonymous

This is so important to remember.  There is so much “noise” in life it’s difficult to even hear my think.  With all this I believe it is easy to get “lost” – which is where I believe a lot of people find themselves, or don’t even consciously find themselves, but are anyway if they stopped long enough.  We’re so busy doing stuff that when we do pause we don’t know where we are or why.  We lose sight of our meaning and our passions.  Life becomes a jumble going on at breakneck speed, and we’re consumed within it – constantly pounded by internal and external forces.  We get the little voice of self-doubt whispering or shouting at us plus real nay-sayers.  What chance do we get to feel at peace inside ourselves?  We can never control what is happening outside of our head.  Never.  We must learn to live with, and achieve peace of mind “in spite of” everything else in the world, including what people say to and about us (I think what people say to us, and what we perceive they are doing to us, has the biggest impact on how we feel).  It is up to us to “choose” against taking this stuff in, taking it personally.  What other people say has nothing to do with you – it’s about them, their own reality, internal issues, frame of mind, projected onto us.  You will escape a lot of suffering, and feeling like a victim if you can achieve this – not easy – but essential for peace of mind.  More on this another time.

Next week I want to let you know what I’ve been through, and discuss some practical things I’ve found useful in helping me settle my mind – find peace of mind.  Thanks again for investing time in reading this – my hope is that it will achieve our goal of supporting you grow into the best “you”. If there is anything you would like written about, please let me know. If there is anything you would like support on or to discuss, please go to our blog and forum pages. As always, if you believe this was of value, please share it with those who you feel will get value from it.  All the best.  Be your best – and EKO it!

  • Mike Overwater

Mike's an ordinary bloke who had a dream, and wouldn't give up. As the founder of EKO Group, and co-creator of, he thought it was time to share his truths and personal life lessons. Mike hopes to inspire you to always keep it real, to go for your dreams, and to let nothing stop you! Above all BE YOURSELF.

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