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There’s a better life waiting for you

How do you want to feel this time next year?  Yes, I am talking about the end of 2016/early 2017. And the reason I’m talking about it is that whatever you do over the next 12 months is going to determine what you’re going to feel like this time next year. If you’ve taken the time to look back at how you spent your time during the past year and said to yourself you’re not doing that again, or you want a different outcome, you might want to sit up and listen.

In our book, How To Be Yourself, we talk about how we are the product of our choices, and how the life we are living is the direct consequence of the actions we’ve taken on the back of the choices we made. What will you choose to do, how will you choose to spend your time, and who with, in the new year?

I’ve just been looking back at my year and was weighing up where I am now against a list I’d written at this time last year, about what I’d wanted to leave behind. Now that was really the wrong way to go at it, and I knew that. Best to look at what you want and how you want to feel about where you’re at in life. Your heart knows what you want. Let that be your compass.

What I didn’t know at the start of 2015 is that we would have created the Just Do You! membership-only programme by the end of the year, although we had a goal to get our book finished and to market. We were (still) writing our book at the start of the year and we’d already created the Life Conversations Map as a coaching tool a year earlier, and were building some software. Half way through the year, thanks to amazing support and feedback, it became clear that we should tie everything together, and then we’d have something unique to offer. We realised we had created a self-guided process to self-discovery – with a definite outcome people could benefit from to create a better life for their self. In our case the definite outcome is an action plan, which is created using our process and exercises, and which moves our members towards living the life they truly want to live. In 2015 we did get our book to market, and Just Do You! was born – and we’re pretty happy about that. Double whammy!

I thought you might like to hear about a few things I’ve learned on our journey to working towards our goal as they’re good to think about – however big or small your goal. I hope by sharing with you, you may feel supported to take the first step towards what you want in life in 2016.

  1. Understand whether or not your goal aligns with the truth of who you are. Is it your goal? I ask that because we often get swept up spending (wasting) time doing stuff that someone else wants, when it isn’t what we want at all. Now I’m not talking about joint goals – of course we have those too. The same applies there though – you should only move forward on goals together when you feel that you’ll get what you need from achieving it too, or there’s genuine joy for you when you can be part of helping another achieve what they want. It’s time to speak up if you’re not feeling good about it though.
  2. Know why you want to achieve that particular goal. It’s really important to get your head around that because knowing why you’re doing something is going to be the motivator you might need to keep you moving if the going gets tough.
  3. What else do you need to support you as you go for what you want? Getting support is vital. Who will you choose to support you and what will you need from them? Having someone to share your goal with will keep you accountable, and give you someone to talk with when you need help to stay on track. Perhaps you need to find courage, or learn how to foster characteristics in yourself that will help you. Can you make good decisions, for example, or do you need to learn more about how to do that?
  4. Take TIME to figure out what it is you want. And take whatever amount of time you need. You deserve to spend focused time on yourself to create the best life you can. If you don’t take the time, you won’t make the change.

Once you’ve set your goal that’s just the beginning; there’s a lot to it to make it happen and it isn’t a single-handed mission. Life feels so much better when you take control and take action. Support and knowledge is all around you to help you, so seek out what’s right for you.

There’s so much to say on this and that’s why we created the programme. To be the supporters you might need, to give you a process to work with, and give you a plan at the end.

This new year please give yourself the gift of time. Time to reflect; time to choose; time to plan; time to take action. And start now.

I’ll leave you with this question: What do you want to be feeling at this time next year?

Have a safe and happy new year,



  • Lisa Clausen

Lisa believes getting back to your truth is fundamental to wellness & happiness . A specialist in Personal Growth and Change & the co-founder of, she has built businesses and skills to support those who want to change & grow to be their very best. A Mum, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, Certified Coach & Adult Teacher, and authentic human being, Lisa's 100% about working in collaboration for the benefit of others. Reaching out to as many people as possible, sharing meaningful ways to live with compassion, truth & vitality, is what makes her truly happy.

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