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Small Changes

The truth be told, I don’t really know what triggers people to change. It is so personal. Different things will trigger people differently. It is alchemy of sorts. A magical mix of many things – want, time, circumstance, plus maybe a whole load of other things.

I’ve read about people who’ve gone on to do wonderful things – and how it was a conversation with someone, or an influence of a teacher who inspired them. Little things that germinated into fantastic outcomes. What is the formula for the alchemy? Who knows exactly – a mystery of nature.

Like they say “A forest of giant oaks is started by a single acorn”.

I know how the small stuff has a big impact – first hand. It really is the small stuff.

I’m a type 1 diabetic. That means my pancreas does not produce enough insulin needed to remove the sugar from my blood cells. The carbs I consume go into my blood cells to give me the energy I need to function just like “normal” people. To function properly the level of sugar in my blood needs to be within a high and low range. Outside of that range and I can’t function, and I can possibly go into a coma. In “normal” people the pancreas automatically looks after that by somehow measuring how much sugar is in the blood and then sending out enough Insulin to help release the sugar from the blood cells. It’s a fascinating process – and to be totally honest one I wish I didn’t need to know about, however here I am with knowledge about something I wasn’t interested in. And possibly better for it. Life does that to you. A curve ball every so often.

So what has this got to do with small changes in life?

One day when my blood sugar was quite high and I needed quite a bit of insulin, I dialled up the amount and administered it with my pen needle. I suddenly thought, how much is that amount physically, that I just injected? So I dialled up some more and squirted it onto a saucer. The amount was tiny. Less than a drop of water. This amazed me. A tiny amount of this literally went through my body and brought my blood sugar back to normal, allowing me to be normal (all things are relative). The body is amazing. So finely tuned. Incredibly complex. Alchemy! Little things have such a massive impact.

So when you’re with people – it is them that is important. That conversation. The small stuff. You might not be talking about important and big issues. Maybe they just want to feel comfortable. Trust you. Maybe just talking is enough to let them go their own way content, confirming a course of action, letting the little seed germinate and grow.

Every day, do something. It’s the little things. They have an impact. They add up or they connect with other little things. If you want change. Do little things. Lots. Constantly.

One step, one smile, one change in thought, one conversation, one little reflection, one little intention, change in direction, one little act, moment of appreciation, expression of love, one less negative person, one little…

You only have now. And you can only do one little thing NOW. All these “now’s” and all these little things are connected. Even when things feel bad – you only need to do one little thing positive. The little acorn, lots of little drops of water, lots of little bits of nutrient, little rays of sunshine – one big oak.

It is the little things that are the big things.

Do them. Appreciate them.

  • Mike Overwater

Mike's an ordinary bloke who had a dream, and wouldn't give up. As the founder of EKO Group, and co-creator of, he thought it was time to share his truths and personal life lessons. Mike hopes to inspire you to always keep it real, to go for your dreams, and to let nothing stop you! Above all BE YOURSELF.

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A great article Mike, it’s so true that all our little things will have an impact. And it’s so much easier to focus and concentrate on moving forward, when you concentrate on the little steps. Thanks for sharing :)


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