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Motivation – Overrated. Remove it to achieve your goals

We all have things we want to achieve in life.
The mistake we so often make is wait until we’re motivated to do something toward it.
I was in this trap. I would have a goal I wanted to achieve, and there were days I just ‘wasn’t motivated’, ‘didn’t feel like it’, ‘had other more interesting things to do’. You know the story …
Here’s what I did (it’s only a couple of minutes) to kick motivation into touch and achieve so much more …
Enjoy. It helps me enormously. I hope it makes sense to you.
All the best, and go well! Mike

Motivation video

  • Mike Overwater

Mike's an ordinary bloke who had a dream, and wouldn't give up. As the founder of EKO Group, and co-creator of, he thought it was time to share his truths and personal life lessons. Mike hopes to inspire you to always keep it real, to go for your dreams, and to let nothing stop you! Above all BE YOURSELF.

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