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Members Online Toolkit

Here you’ll find access to all the online resources you need to complete your Just Do You! self- development programme.

There’s cool, easy-to-use software that will transform your thoughts into your unique Personal Action Plan. So you’ll know what steps to take – why, where and when – to start to live as a truer you. Sound good? The private and secure place online to go – to give and receive love and support as you journey through the book.

Downloadable and printable stories, how-to sheets and videos will give you that extra support when you need a good dose of motivation.

  • Team EKO

We're an authentic bunch of people who love to support others as they journey through life, and we manage this site and our social networking collectively. Our small team is fortunate to have some awesome folks in it. With skills and qualifications in business management, researching, writing, marketing, human behaviour, psychology, coaching and change management - we're an onto it bunch ;o)

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