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Member-only Discounts & Savings

We want all our members to feel special, and there’s nothing quite like doing, and getting, cool stuff while saving your hard-earned money!

There are lots of fantastic people we love – doing great things that we feel you should know about as you journey with us.

During your three months Just Do You! membership, we’ll introduce you to different products and services, outside of ekoyou, that you’ll get preferential rates for. Things like webinars, training, events and all kinds of resources.

We’re building a bigger online store too right now, so watch out for what’s coming up! There’ll be opening-offer discounts for members, and exclusive member-only products and services – all at great prices, so you won’t break the piggy bank!

  • Team EKO

We're an authentic bunch of people who love to support others as they journey through life, and we manage this site and our social networking collectively. Our small team is fortunate to have some awesome folks in it. With skills and qualifications in business management, researching, writing, marketing, human behaviour, psychology, coaching and change management - we're an onto it bunch ;o)

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