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Lego Hair, and the Non-existence of Self

lego hair2

This is a gross generalisation; women of (my) Generation X are panicking at the inevitable advance of age and how they should negotiate it.

All epic journeys have a beginning and a great place to start is at the top. Ask yourself the question ‘Do I have Lego Hair?’ Do you wear your hair or does your hair wear you? What to do if you do have Lego Hair? There are technical details which we will go into at a later date but more importantly … could it be that it just isn’t you? It has a non-existence of self; there is none of YOU in it.

It feels very real for me and most of my friends and colleagues. The baby-boomers before us, charting this unknown territory, haven’t left any clear road markers, leaving us with more questions than answers. So I have decided to go forth boldly with no maps, I do have the aid of the well-worn compass of experience in the fashion and beauty industries.

Embarking now on the second half of my life I will share my trail blazing journey with you, along with the stories of other women whom have what I describe as ‘Formidable Style©’.

Who am I? Do I even look like me? One thing a lot of women in the 40+ age group, including myself, have lost is a sense who they are as visible individuals…if someone asked me what my ‘style personality’ was even though this is my world (fashion, styling, hair, make-up) I would struggle to fill in the dots.

As I observe women pack hunting coffee, as any good scientist I dissect their chosen plumage. I assess the balance of contrasts skin tone and face shape verses hair colour and hair style, hair style verses garment style, garment selection verses body shape, then I think does the overall look say anything about the person, does it show any personality? …usually it takes me 30-45 seconds to sum up each woman in detail. Sadly for women in the 40+ age group probably 1 out of 9 get it right.

Getting your style right, being a visible individual has nothing to do with your size, your ability to buy brands, or look young; it has everything to do with being totally you, inside and out, being the best and highest expression of yourself.

How do you know if you have Lego Hair?

Does your hair look like you could click it off and interchange it with a dozen other styles on a smart phone app?

You can try just that (see lead picture above).  All the images were created using an app on my smart phone. I used Great Hair Lite- Celebrity Makeover. They are all pictures of me with different celebrity hair styles, except the one in the middle which is the natural me. I have no makeup on and the photos haven’t been retouched. You can really see how much hair colour, style and shape can ‘change’ the appearance of your skin and facial structure.

When you do this exercise for yourself, you may find that your current style could start to look ‘snapped on’. If it does, you have Lego Hair and may want to consider some changes.  You may find something better while playing with the app; it is fun and a terrific way to start see and thinking about yourself differently.

I did the whole exercise for myself and this last photo is me as I am right now.

Ciane St'Eve Natural

I had no idea what I was going to look like. I haven’t critically looked at my personal style for years and I feel completely out of touch with who I am in my physical representation; as a person, as myself. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, colour is good, balanced with the skin and eyebrows, complements the face and softens the square jaw line – may need to address the length (mid back at its longest).

I’ll make those changes with you next time.

Until then,


Celebrating Women with Formidable Style© Ciane St’Eve




  • Ciane St'Eve

Ciane St’Eve started in the fashion industry at the tender age of 12, selling garments in a designer boutique and tinting lashes and eyebrows. Fast-forward 32 years and many awards and accolades later she is still smitten with the fashion industry, unfortunately the industry doesn’t love her (an older woman) as much. With an aim to turn that around and empower all women to naturally grow into an age of Formidable Style© she is sharing her ageing journey publically, along with contributions from stunning women who have matured to the next level and have attained Formidable Style© for themselves.

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