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Do this with intent – and watch your life bloom

I’ve got to admit that there are some things I’m doing now that I perhaps didn’t see value in doing before. Ok, what I just said means, if you’d asked me some time ago to do journaling and express gratitude every day I would not have found time in my busy day to do it. What’s the point?  That isn’t an action I needed to take that would benefit me – not like say doing my exercise, making a coffee, catching up for a beer with mates, researching a technical solution to a problem … you know what I mean.  No value to my future.

When I read about expressing gratitude, and how people found it so valuable – I just didn’t see the value. Of course I felt grateful for my life and the people and things in it – why did I need to express it on paper? I never disagreed that expressing gratefulness is of value. It just didn’t resonate.  Maybe all these people felt some guilt or shame or unworthy or something and needed a means to atone for something – I wasn’t sure. I kind of tried it once or twice, but not really putting my heart into it, just doing it mechanically. It felt uncomfortable for me, but if it works for them – go do it.

I’ve been told I can be stubborn. Personally I think strong willed toward my convictions fits better. As it turns out, I lucky I don’t hold too many convictions too dearly, because as someone once said “I’d never die for my convictions because I may be wrong.”

Oh how the universe can be a funny place. Oh how I can be misguided.  Jump forward some time – and here I am. A new man.  Literally (and that’s not just because of the new metal holding me together).

You know what’s coming. I have to say it.  “YOU just have to express gratitude!”  There I said it, now go do it.

Expressing gratitude is one of several ‘new’ things I’m now doing that have changed my life. If I hadn’t experienced this – I would have found it difficult to believe.

Why this change?

I wasn’t heading in the direction I wanted. I tried all the things I thought you should try, such as try harder, be more persistent and more – but they didn’t seem to work. I ended up in the same place. Could it be that I was on the wrong trajectory because what I was doing each day was wrong?

As it turned out – YES!

At some point, if you feel some sort of unease or disconnect, you have to STOP and admit to yourself that something isn’t working, something needs to change. (Einstein had 2 good quotes on this, but that’s for another time (or pm me)). And dare I say it – you may just need to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, because comfort keeps you where you are.

I’m not saying my new move to expressing gratitude was the only thing that changed my life – but I know it is a big thing.

My purpose and goals haven’t changed, however I thought it’d be worth trying something new – a new tool in my toolbox – to help me get there. It’s working.

For one thing, try this out. Write down something you’re thankful for.  As you do this be conscious of your thinking.  You will notice that you will not feel any fear.  The emotion of gratitude and fear cannot co-exist. Gratitude rids fear. Strange! Imagine going through your whole day expressing gratitude!  Saying thank you! What have you got to lose?

It doesn’t matter how bad your life is right now. It might be terrible.  If you’re still breathing you have something to be grateful for.  Find that thing. Be grateful for it.  And continue to.  Your life will change.

There is one more dimension to expressing gratitude – that is super powerful and will take how you feel, what you achieve, and your life to a new level.

We take you through this in our new ‘Mastering my Morning’ Academy. For now – just go and express gratitude.  This morning I express gratitude for the fresh lemon nature has provided me for my lemon drink. Simple.

If you want to know more about my new Mastering my Morning Academy, or need some support to make a shift, make expressing gratitude a daily habit, please comment below or pm me, I’d love, and be grateful, to hear from you.

Go well and make that shift

  • Mike Overwater

Mike's an ordinary bloke who had a dream, and wouldn't give up. As the founder of EKO Group, and co-creator of, he thought it was time to share his truths and personal life lessons. Mike hopes to inspire you to always keep it real, to go for your dreams, and to let nothing stop you! Above all BE YOURSELF.

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