Coaching Smart Tools

The Coaching Smart Tools are high quality products used to support coaches in their everyday sessions. We recommend these products to any coach who is looking to:

- Feel more confident, reduce self-doubt and add value to your coaching process;
- Have a competitive advantage with improved credibility and brand image;
- Have a tool that fits neatly in your bag at networking events, that you can pull out to help answer the question, "what do you do?" or "how could you help me?";
- Improve your conversion results and revenue to grow your business faster;
- Achieve your dream life faster.

The Life Conversations Maps, How to Be Yourself Book and related Coaching Smart products have been created to help you quickly get into the part of your business that generates money for you as a coach - the coaching! They support your coaching sessions as well as serve as powerful marketing tools to build business.

Using professional tools such as these, creates a high level of credibility and standard to differentiate you and give you the best chance to overcome self-doubt to accelerate your business growth and enjoy the success you deserve.

"Whether a business coach, life coach, personal coach or involved in personal development in other ways, there are some fresh new ways right here, so you can work smarter by giving away tangible resources and tools to your clients."

- Mike Overwater & Lisa Stevens, Founders of EKO You & Coaching Smart