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Whether you want to change the world or change YOUR world – changing yourself is required. Just Do You! is a three-month, exclusive, membership-only programme that guides you to create a Personal Action Plan that will help you change up your life and become a better you. So you can get more of what you…


I consider myself a feminist; I love men, I am married, I wear steel boned corsets, false eyelashes and fake tan; I have stopped short of plastic surgery, but I support people who feel the need for it in their lives. But these are all expressions of my identity, I am the girl who never…

Chop, chop and the bearded ladies

I’m pondering the not so superficial things, like hair length (mine) and facial hair, two things which at first glance may seem unconnected, and have nothing to do with self-image discovery and women’s empowerment.  So let’s rip the scab off and see what oozes out. Not only as women does our hair somehow become matrimonial…