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The power of focus is immense – so be careful what you focus on!

I’m a big believer on focus. It helps clear away distractions so you can achieve what you need to.

What I’ve learned over the years – and brought clearly to my attention by a mate of mine – is how powerful the mind is in achieving what you focus on.

The news isn’t all good, because much of what we do each day is driven by or unconscious mind, and what our subconscious mind focuses on – it gets. So if you have underlying fears about things – these will manifest in behaviours that may prevent you achieving your conscious goals.

In this video (it’s only around 4 minutes long) I explain what this means and more importantly what you can do about it.

I hope it’s of value to you, and would very much appreciate your feedback.

All the best, and go well! Mike

  • Mike Overwater

Motivation – Overrated. Remove it to achieve your goals

We all have things we want to achieve in life.
The mistake we so often make is wait until we’re motivated to do something toward it.
I was in this trap. I would have a goal I wanted to achieve, and there were days I just ‘wasn’t motivated’, ‘didn’t feel like it’, ‘had other more interesting things to do’. You know the story …
Here’s what I did (it’s only a couple of minutes) to kick motivation into touch and achieve so much more …
Enjoy. It helps me enormously. I hope it makes sense to you.
All the best, and go well! Mike

Motivation video

  • Mike Overwater

What are the 3 things high performing businesses do that others don’t?

… and how can you do them in your business? If you’ve got a business, and you want to improve its performance or grow, I’ve got something that could really help you.

interesting research by one of the premier management consulting companies in the world revealed some fascinating insights into the performance of their clients.

They surveyed some 115,000 managers across 230 of their global businesses and compared the outcomes they achieved against how they managed their businesses. There are many management practices no business (regardless of size) should ignore such as financial control, structure, skills development, innovation, process etc.  Only 3 of these, that when applied together by your business, will ensure you have a high performing company – one that will deliver you the results and life you want – regardless of your business size and industry.  You need to do the others but you don’t need to over invest effort in the other areas that will only get you a marginal improvement in performance.

What are these 3 “power practices”, and more importantly, how can you do them to significantly improve the performance of your business?

I answer these questions in this short video (only about 5 minutes long).

I hope it’s of value to you, and would very much appreciate your feedback.

All the best, and go well! Mike

  • Mike Overwater

Know your business model and free your mind

A while back I had a chance to meet with a small business owner who had a great little business with about a dozen good staff and great opportunities.  He should have been smiling.  He wasn’t.
He was stressed and working long hours.
Understanding what was going on didn’t take long.
Here’s the lesson I learned and what you can do to reduce some stress in your life, improve your ‘peace of mind’ – and even sky rocket your results.
The essence is that it is important for you to understand 2 things.  What type of business do you have – and the relevant business model, and if you find yourself struggling – you may need a circuit breaker in your thinking.  Get some support.  Take a look (it’s only a couple of minutes) …
Enjoy.  It helps me enormously.  I hope it makes sense to you.
All the best, and go well!  Mike

  • Mike Overwater

How much of what you’re carrying is not yours to carry? (and 5 things you can do about it)

There are times when you feel the burden of expectation weigh you down. Squeeze some joy out. This is particularly true when you find yourself in a new position or situation. What are things you can do about it?

You may have come from a place where you’ve gone from knowing everything about your world, to finding yourself in a whole new world of foreign language and behaviours. It can be unsettling and stressful, and negatively affect how you behave and perform. There is the self-doubt, fears and constant self-questioning that comes out.

What can you do to firstly reduce the pressure on yourself, and secondly start to perform?

There are 5 things you can do, that will really help you make a leap forward

  • Mike Overwater

Important things to consider when looking for someone to support you succeed

One of the great lessons I’ve learnt in life is this.

We can’t do things alone. As humans we’re wired as social animals.

Support is important in your life – especially when you’re making change or doing things that are challenging you. Support through such times is critical.  Someone to bounce thoughts and feelings off, as well as holding you to account to do what you said you’d do.

So when you’re choosing someone to support you, you need to consider them as an accountability partner. Someone who is there to lift you and push you, and occasionally cut you some slack – but not without just cause.