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Balancing the Unbalanced

Our physical health is important. It the temple for our soul.

However, did you know your body is also energy? Many millions of atoms all vibrating and colliding together to make a solid mass. This is physics. Everything we see and feel in our physical reality is an energy in its own right.

This means our different foods are all an energy, it doesn’t just contain certain nutrients we create energy from in our bodies.

This means food is a powerful healing tool for dis-eases (imbalances) in the body. For every imbalance, it must be a certain energy/ frequency. We can then use the certain energies and frequencies of foods to balance those imbalances.

For example: Whole fresh foods are of higher frequency than processed foods because processed foods have had there energy mucked with via machinery processes.

Plant based foods are of a higher frequency – this is because they contain more pure light energy in the chlorophyll of their plant cells.

Plants grown in high nutrient dense soils are of greater frequency than those that are are grown in low nutrient dense soils.

Plants grown organically are of a greater frequency than those sprayed with chemicals that may imbalance our bodies.

Dis-eases are a low/ dense frequency we feel this whether we recognise what it is or not. When we are out of balance we don’t feel good – we feel low, unhappy, tired, sick etc. Loading our bodies with lower frequency foods are only going to add to the imbalance more greatly – even create further imbalances in the body. In order to correct this we need to be lifting the frequency of the body.

Meditation is a good non- food way to also do this. Following your passions and doing things that truly ignite the fire within you also lift your vibration.  To discover happiness within and be that happiness without external influence is also a way to stay in a higher way of being.

When we are in this higher way of being our life flows so greatly, every aspect of our lives grow beautifully and we flourish. Life becomes grand, filled with limitless possibility.

It’s been great to share with you.  Let me know your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts has a Degree from Massey University in Human Nutrition. In 2011 she started off her journey to slowly build up her own business in the Waikato, NZ, called Fuel Nutrition. Danielle has grown her skill set to provide our communities with a lot more than just a nutrition consulting service. She is also a holistic wellness coach/teacher, writer, speaker and a master energy healer (through the method of Reiki). Danielle was led down this holistic path through her own health issues in her late teens and early 20’s. Through Danielle’s own health and wellness journey she saw that the only way to truly heal is to not only focus on the physical aspects of our wellness but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This is definitely a heart-based calling for Danielle; through her work she desires to spread love, empowerment, strength, peace and healing to the many people she encounters on a daily basis.

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