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Mike Overwater: Founder or EKO

Mike Overwater: EKO Founder

The EKO business has evolved from a passion to see people grow and express themselves fully. Working with many people over a long time I see that it is really hard to make some of the changes you need so you can truly express yourself and share with the world what you truly have to offer. Especially when our lives are so busy and complex, and there is so much crap going on stopping us from focusing, and instead succumbing to the pressures of friends and family, and ending up just doing the same-old.  Struggling, stressed or unsure.

Allow the world...

Yet change can be achieved. People do it. I’ve witnessed it. Experienced it. You can too.

Generally I’ve noticed that the people who break through have great support. And that’s why EKO is here. To support you. To support the people that support you.

Sometimes you need to go beyond what your family and friends say, to get where you need to go. Sometimes those close to us do not have our best interests at heart – they have theirs. And keeping you as you are right now is what is good for them.

Guess what, intention does not mean it happens! Sorry – it takes more than that! I’ve seen many instances where people committed to change and yet nothing happened – and believe me, there was no lack of sincerity when they said they would. Who would lie when they say they want to feel better, healthier, wealthier, slimmer?  There is no certainty in life. EKO is here to improve your chances.

My motivation for starting EKO originally was to provide a way for people to access the support they need to remove stress, anxiety, fears and blockages from their lives so they can enjoy more freedom, money, calm, joy, passion, whatever it is they seek.

So EKO grew from that and is continuing to evolve and grow as we learn more about what you need.

When you’re pushing against the tide of your own fears and self-doubts and other barriers there are some critical things that can assist you. Some of the things EKO offers, that we’ve seen delivers a lot of value, includes:

  • A fear of judgement and ridicule stops lots of people. EKO is a safe place on line where you have the ability to truly express yourself anonymously without fear of judgement or ridicule in a supportive community. EKO is a safe place where you are supported through the ups and downs of your journey without feeling alone and you can reach out at any time.
  • Insight and feedback from other people who are travelling the same journey, or who have already been where you are. A small insight can make so much difference when you’re unsure what to do next.
  • EKO facilitates discussions and conversations so you can safely express ideas and thoughts and get feedback on issues that are important to, to achieve goals you’ve set or help you make life more manageable.
  • Courage to overcome your fears, self-doubts, lack of knowledge, and other barriers as they leap out at you as you move forward.
  • All serious pro’s have coaches. If you consider what you’re trying to achieve is important, chances are coaching support will significantly improve your chances. EKO also has experts in different fields as you need them to lead you through.
  • Sometimes all we need is a little guidance and knowledge to steer us or give us the kick-start we need. EKO Training Programs and other support tools help achieve this.

One of the purposes for doing things like this is to build your courage to overcome your fears, self-doubts, lack of knowledge, and other barriers as they leap out at you as you move forward.  And after that first leap of faith called courage will come the confidence as we support you take the right actions on your journey.

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Keep it real

We all have the ability to better tomorrow than we are today. Getting support is really important if you want to make changes, especially big changes. The EKO family is here for you.

Yours truly,


Mike Overwater, Founder of all things EKO

Certified Coach & Change Specialist