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5 Steps to Self-Care & Relaxation

Have you ever wondered how the entrepreneurial superstars of the world manage to fit everything in? People like Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, Oprah?  While there’s no written formula for it, these 5 steps will definitely help you to focus on your self-care and relaxation.

1. Find an activity that helps you relax – meditation, exercise, reading – anything, and schedule regular time for it. Don’t skip it.

2. Prioritise your tasks. If you’ve only slept for 5 broken hours the previous night – the household chores can definitely wait. Get some sleep. Even a 20 minute nap can do wonders for you.

3. Unplug and disconnect. Spend some time away from technology (your cellphone, TV, computers, etc) and engage in some playtime.

4. Always eat regularly.  Often when we’re stressed or life is hectic, eating is one of the first things that falls out of routine.  We skip breakfast, do late lunch, and takeaways for dinner.  Starting your day with breakfast is just one simple way to ensure you are looking after yourself.

5. Use your support networks.  If you’re overloaded, stressed, feeling like a sinking ship – connect with people.  Whether it’s talking to family and friends, or chatting to us at EKOYou, sharing your thoughts and feelings can be an enormous weight lifted.

  • Amy McLean

Amy’s life experiences have formed the values and ideals she lives by today. Coming from a desire to help others she has knowledge, passion and ideas to encourage change and personal growth. Amy is passionate about growing the strength of support networks, through appreciation of others and seeking to understand before being understood (S Covey, 1989). She believes in self-evaluation and constantly striving to find ways to grow.

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