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5 Steps to Building Meaningful Relationships

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This is a great piece published by Michelle Maros, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life’s Creative Director and resident writer.  We think it’s really worth sharing with our EKO family…

Relationships– the enigma of our lives. They can bring us so much joy and at times so much sadness. Relationships are a core part of life, and meaningful, positive relationships are key to living life in peace. From early childhood to the present moment we’ve all had deep seeded desires for loving, caring relationships. Going from our first friends as toddlers, to fun-loving buddies as young adults, to confidants as adults, relationships with others help us progress through all stages of life. In looking at all of this, it’s easy to comprehend how important it is to have those meaningful relationships in your life: true, solid, consistent people that you can rely on no matter what comes your way. There is no doubt that relationships are important, so how can we building meaningful relationships that will support us, help us grow, and love us unconditionally?

  1. Cultivate the most loving relationship with yourself. We’ve heard this before, but its importance always remains constant. Your relationships outside will flounder if you don’t have unconditional love and compassion for yourself. If this is something you’re struggling with, really work on dissolving those negative thoughts about yourself and begin a path of self-love, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. In the end, you really are all you have, why spend your life not loving your own magnificence?
  2. Discover your core values. Take some time and really grasp what you value and cherish in life; you’ll want those around you to have similar ideals. Think about the places, events and situations that people with these values might attend. Do some investigating!
  3. Take inventory of the relationships you already have. We accumulate a lot of relationships in our long lives. Some of them are meant to last a lifetime, others are meant to teach us lessons. Mentally go through the relationships you have at the moment, be present, and notice if there are some that are no longer serving your best interest. It is in relationships, I find, that we have the hardest time letting go. We cling to people simply because they are part of our pasts, even if we inherently know they are not ideal for us in the present. In finding that there are some relationships that need to go, lovingly begin to let them go, channeling your energy towards the hope and exciting possibility of new, fulfilling relationships.
  4. Live from the thought of abundance. We’ve learned that you are what you think. This goes for relationships as well. Many of us live day-to-day thinking that there simply aren’t people out there who will love and accept us for who we are. This is no way to find your tribe! Start living life with the mindset that there is an abundance of people just dying to be in your life. There are plenty of people wanting to know you and support you. Flipping that switch in your brain from negative to positive will start the flow of people coming into your life.
  5. Honor and accept those in your life completely. For those in your life whom you would like to keep, say a prayer of gratitude that you have found some solid companions along the way. Remember to be accepting of your differences and compassionate when life gets stressful. Lead your life by example and be the best friend, companion, relative, significant other, you can be and show the world how you wish to be treated.

Life is meant to be joyful, fun, adventurous, meaningful and exciting. Having people you cherish come along for the ride is truly a blessing. Cultivating and maintaining these meaningful relationships is such an important part of life, and this week I encourage you to contemplate and act upon these thoughts.

How do relationships sustain you in life? Are there relationships that you need to let go of to create space for new, serving relationships? Let us know!


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